Thursday 30 October 2014

Supermarket Sweep

With all the dire warnings from Tesco and Waitrose , plus everyone singing the praises of Lidl and Aldi . Ive been supermarket hopping this week . Had to pop to the new Lidl in  Lincoln for some tool item requested by Mr Bah Humbug , what can i say ?  I used to love Lidl back in the days when you were supposed to be ashamed to be seen with there carrier bags . Recently ive not been so keen , an example, I used to buy there shampoo i have psoriasis and it was great , then a few weeks ago all the shampoo vanished to be replaced by Pantene and Head and shoulders plus there generic brand turned into the watery stuff that nobody in there right mind would use . ive noticed this quite a lot with other items , now theyve got instore bakeries all the bread products have gone up in price big time . Meanwhile even mid week you cant get parked in Aldi and waiting at the tills is a nightmare due to the Chelsea Tractor driving hoards , with there overladen trollies . 
So I ventured to the tranquil depths of little Tesco hidden away off canwick road , not the new mega tesco i hasten to add , its handy on the way home has ample parking and its very quiet .  If you shop carefully Tescos isnt any different price wise , im not a big brand person and some of there bargain brand stuff is decent and with the price matching lark they all do now, not much dearer , what does make me laugh is they hide there own brand stuff in corners and bottom shelves and in most cases its often sold out , but i did manage to get 10 packets of their value mashed potato while they had it , its the only edible instant potato product ive ever found . My son wants to know where have all the value curry pot noodles gone , nobody has any and hes got withdrawal symptons .
But the big thing with Tescos is the staff always look so bleedin miserable , ive had friends work there and they say its the whole culture and atmosphere the constant laying off and never knowing how many hours you will get each week . 
So thats this weeks round up of my supermarket any more ?

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