Sunday, 26 October 2014

Blah Blah Blah

Its been a very Blah weekend , i started with good intentions yesterday finishing Mr Bah Humbugs oops I didnt paint behind the furniture and i didnt think anyone would notice effort , guess what i decided to change the current furniture for something else and I noticed , hes a star sometimes!!
This sort of turned into one of those jobs you wished you hadnt started , Ive upset them all by dumping all their coats in their seats in the living room and informing them put them away or i burn them !! Now have a huge dustbin bag of rags for the charity shop because ive thrown anything they moaned over , not as harsh as it sounds nothing my lot have finished with is ever more than rags . Chucked all the odd shoes i could find ..sod them ..they were given till this morning to take any they wanted .
On a good note Mr Bah Humbug in his urge to score a few points actually let me get the boys to drag my victorian cast iron legged table up from the bottom of the garden , ive been looking all summer for a replacement top and not found one , so its installed at the bottom of the stairs and looks just fine with an egyptian rug on the top to hide the state of it .
I also found a huge amount of craft stuff i havent been able to get to , including tapestry kits id forgotten about lots of quilt patterns and bindings .A lot will go to the charity shop .
So to be truthful ive spent the weekend ransacking the place trying to tidy up ...does that make sense?
Rescue volume with great colour plates of a little french bulldog 

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