Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Hobbies Keep You Sane

Rumors of my blog demise are ill founded , just had a bit of a strange week , dwelling to much on Mr Bah Humbugs next treatment and  last ditch attempt at fixing him next month and pondering meaning of life matters , or as he would say , overdosing on self pity and negativity . Sometimes he can be a little to close to the truth .
So apart from a solitary jumble sale where i spent a whole £1.20 on a tin and a blanket , ive done little but read and potter , which brings me to this , does having a hobby keep you sane ?
 Ive quilted huge items when ive been stuck in the grey fields of negativity , totally mindlessly . my dad was a chronic whittler when he was stressed , my mother knits when shes angry . But what will generation playstation do ?  I come from a generation where every girl was expected to be able to mend and sew , at school boys learned metalwork and woodwork all these skills have gone from the curriculum , now the yummy mummys are learning in their 30s thanks to a few TV programmes and Mollie Makes but isnt it still becoming a bit of a hobby dessert out there , more for males than females , is that why mental illness among males has seen a surge ? Once upon a time men had a shed, nowadays they dont even seem to have that luxury in most cases . Back in the 50s and 60s by now they would be churning out farms dolls houses and garages ready for xmas . The chippy home made 50s dollshouse I was given , has been claimed by the munchkin , hes spent hours with a bag of plastic soldiers and lego fighting battles in it
With xmas on the horizon isnt it time we started to look at the whole shoddy commercial aspect and encourage blokes or mums  to have a go at making something , small children really dont care if things are perfect , they just care that they were made with love

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