Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Visit From the despair Squid

I suppose nobody remembers the despair squid ? An episode from Red dwarf many moons ago . But hes been at my door for a couple of weeks , its the not having a single positive thought syndrome . Not depression , been there done that , took the drugs, lost the plot, moons ago
This time of year tends to hit me like this , its been rain everyday , work everyday nothing to look forward to on the horizon . Positively not feeling positive
The season of mists and mellow hopelessness , looming on the horizon xmas happy families , so glad we dont do it in a big way
I seem to spend my days working , doing the laundry , munchkin duties and not much else . I cant craft under artificial light , cant read for long etc etc , so winter looming does this to me , im getting the urge to hibernate . Bed at 9pm every night , put the TV on and im asleep in 5 minutes , but the day starts at 5.30am so thats not a bad thing . By the way i did try the whole SAd light treatment thing a few years ago , had no effect whatsoever ...story of my life
Lack of thrift scores , havent found a single item on my thrift list , no winter boots or veg steamer , not a single pillowcase for weeks , not even any vintage xmas , just an infestation of vile gift sets and Poundshop items for £3 , I must have been in Age UK or British Heart Foundation for that
And just to annoy me even more the capital d on the keyboard has died ...AAAAARRRGGGGHHHH

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