Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Miracle Brooches

Now were getting to the no car boot ,the odd jumble sale and laughing at the stock in the charity shops time of year , its time to start show and tell from among the vast array of stuff ive pack ratted away over the years .
So lets delve into my brooch fetish

I have a weakness for Scottish Miracle Brooches , these are made from tumbled agates from the scottish highlands and were made popular by Queen Victoria , usually set in silver or silver metal . The large orange agate is beautiful , virtually translucent , no hallmarks and the pattern in the silver has been nearly polished away . It cost a whole £1 at an auction a few years ago , i didnt even know what i had bought till i picked it up . Then theres the more traditional tourist souvenir multi stone , 50p charity shop find , theres still tons of these to be found quite cheaply . Just for contrast theres the silver brooch pendant , victorian and bought for me many moons ago , all celtic knotwork and very heavy

 i fell n love with this wooden hand carved jewellery box for no better reason than the fact it looked like dragons wings on the front , someone had put such a lot of work into it and it was sat looking lonely at a car boot .

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