Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Newark Auto Jumble

Mr Bah Humbug got stood up by his date to trundle off to a scooter parts fair somewhere in the wilderness , so i just dropped in to the conversation that it was the Newark Autojumble  and yeah he took me .
Still my favourite day out with him , he looks for lumps of rusty crap and i errrrr look for lumps of rusty crap . Theres just so much of a non auto theme among the heaps of stalls that there really is something for everyone . We both fell  in love with the vintage Coca Cola cool boxes but they were way out of our price range .

Then i just spotted the blue industrial storage bins , the conversation went like this.
I like those
What the hell would you do with them
Theyd look good in the kitchen
Theyre bleedin huge
Think of the prep work
No id just want the interiors blasting the outsides would look good as is
They just wont fit
Think of the storage , veg in one bucket , all the bits of scooter that should go to the shed , you get a full 4st potato sack in the bottom
Theres no room
I could get rid of the freezer
we need the freezer
Needless to say i couldnt have them

rusty blue lust objects 
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