Sunday, 12 October 2014

Jumble Sales and Thrift shops

Another hectic work week , so very little time for anything . we have now reached the time of the year where we get thick fog and chainsaws, thats all ive heard today , we would kill for a woodburner but they cant go into these houses , were stuck with oil heating and due to cost it will be another month regardless of the temperature before we get the hour a day of heat in the evening. were in a 50s prefab so insulation and warmth are a minimum . Plus its the season of mould, ive had an hour of my favourite winter chore de moulding the windows  , plus the bathroom needs another coat of mould paint as the walls are once again going black . So much for the expensive anti mould paint , its flaking off
Plus theres the getting washin dry chore , you have to wait for the sun to break through to hang it out let the sun dry it on one side then turn it all round then take the outer layers off the whirly dryer and move them to the airing cupboard and just continue till you reach the end
Mr Bah Humbug has a huge cauldron of bolognaise bubbling away , so at least ive been cooking exempt today
I think ive visited maybe 20 charity shops in the lunch hour this week and i  couldnt resist these heavy plaster cottage bookends , plus ive found a 50s ladies head hat pin holder , ive seen larger ones of these on quite a few American blogs but never found one here before

I managed 2 jumble sales yesterday and spent a whole £1.45 , a broken brooch , some rainbow framed sunglasses that i figure nobody will pinch out of my car , a pikachu keyring and some really heavy 1930s seashell uplighter lamp shades , ebay for them if they get through the cleaning challenge , theyre very rusty and grubby at the moment .

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