Tuesday 28 October 2014

Just Passing Through

I think this could be described as a desperate post , squeezed into the real world work schedule , ive a few more work heavy weeks till it dies a death at xmas till about march . im told we've a newbie going in to be trained next week , its a bit like the Borg they will try to assimilate him then send him out to play with me at which point i get to put him through living hell for a couple of weeks , its always good for a laugh . theyre usually horrified when they find im a little old grey haired granny ,whos driving is appalling. I may make a special effort for this one and turn my rusty old wreck into a Mexican taxi , take my bible to work and ask him to pray with me and ask him to pray with me in Mcdonalds . It will be just my luck they have employed Ned Flanders !! I do so enjoy a good newbie , ive been warned not to scare him away but they dont realise thats not the idea I need this one to stay so i can slow down a bit .
This is how desperate things are , Lincoln is a beautiful place heres the view from the ladies public toilet doorway ..lol

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