Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Resolutions...I Think Not

Oh dear its that day when i should make up my mind to be skinny , richer , nicer  etc etc etc . Stuff it my last resolution must have been twenty one years ago , just before i got pregnant with my youngest mmmmm that went well
I was going to lose 3 stone instead I gained 3, story of my life .
I could always post a review of my exciting last year ? Thrift shop of the year ? My best rated posts perhaps ?
Instead I will bring you a few of my recent  highlights , best xmas present given to the munchkin !!!
A belching farting Bulldog , oddly I love this gaudy thing despite being allergic to

Man logic, when you cant find the rolling pin use a black pudding??

Must update ebay with loads of PVC Disney , honestly I will do this tomorrow , the nearest to a resolution i can manage

And finally never do your Approved Order without getting someone to check , yes I was caught ordering what I thought was beef and vegatable  pie guessed it , dog food and we dont even have a dog!!!

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