Thursday, 4 December 2014

Of thrift & Morrisons

So this week has been an endless week of running about with Mr Bah Humbug and sneaking off to the odd thrift store with pennies . Have you noticed that most of the thrift stores are bursting at the seams , but have done away with the cheap rails and replaced them with xmas stock . I still havent seen a single bit of vintage xmas anywhere but i did get a whole bag of clothing and fabric for pennies . Relate had a 50p rail full of Boden  which i left behind ,but  i got a gorgeous big girl summer maxi dress , dont forget they dont have storage at a lot of shops so now is the time to stock up on your summer wardrobe !!!  Relate have two shops in Lincoln so i thought id go to the other on Moorlands and scored a huge gorgeous grey velvet curtain with a tatty edge for a whole nothing , yep it was in the free bin , plus some more for the fabric shirts for 10p each !! I did get the death stare when i got home with a huge bagful , but i did use the £1 hot drink money to fund this bonanza that Mr Bah Humbug had donated to me  I must admit that after xmas when they all get desperate to shift the party frocks is always a bonanza on the fabric front .
As a "treat" yesterday Mr Bah Humbug after selling a vehicle to fund xmas and heating oil , thought wed pop to Morrisons for a bit of dinner and some shopping , now Morrisons is where your mum goes shopping and as usual is full of pensioners . Usually we take great grandad to the one in Scunthorpe to do his shopping and have a dinner. You go to the counter order your food then join the queue for drinks and to pay , that is where things started to go wrong , one of the drinks machines was out of order so for 15 minutes were stood in the queue , so i spent 15 minutes viewing the squalid filth that was Lincoln Morrisons , the drinks machines tatty and held together with mangy tie wraps , the fact that none of the surfaces looked to have ever been wiped , admittedly your meal came straight to the table once you sat down , but by now it was lukewarm and congealing , every surface apart from the tables had black grime on it there was food waste living on the menu holders was a really yuck experiance and i wont go there again .
The only plus point yesterday is that we get 100 litres extra for the same price as last years oil, it must be the only thing thats got cheaper this year!!!

my doll problem really does go this far

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