Monday, 22 December 2014

Lets All Run away

By now ive reached the stage where I want to just ram the turkey in the oven then run away !!!
Ive come to the conclusion im going mad , Mr Bah Humbug says its just hormonal, in a smug way . You know things are bad when hes even on the naughty list .
 Now we have his youngest for xmas, he was kidnapped from Walsall the other day after his mother begged us to have him , ive a feeling she may be moving house as we speak and leaving no forwarding address!!
Now he has his problems as long term readers will know , but he just presented an all time classic dilemma to his dad , one that even my ghastly brood never managed . He is apparently on an ASBO that forbids him from entering any ASDA or retail establishment . We cant leave him alone in the house on his own because he steals off the others and us given the chance , hes basically a 19 year old kleptomaniac . There was a blazing argument this morning because he wanted taking into Lincoln , I told him no chance as he has no money at all with him and if he went shoplifting i would not let anyone pick him up from the police station , so now im getting the surly death stares off them both , because this means his dad is effectively grounded, which he isnt happy about and im in the dog house for pointing out that he now knows how his mother feels .
Meanwhile ive spun a couple of little work tasks out to last me most of the day , visited a pleasantly busy little asda and iceland , been for a coffee with a christians etc ....

I really felt that nothing else can go wrong ......then i rang my mother

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