Saturday, 27 December 2014

Bye Bye Xmas

Breath a sigh of relief , it's over with , done and dusted. The last of the turkey curry will be finished tomorrow, the only lingering trace of Xmas the decent cheese in the fridge.
Decorations took down , most of the toys confiscated or destroyed.
Did it go well? Food wise yes , people wise?  Well you can't make them get along even when their family.
It was pointed out that why should they be pleasant to someone who had plastered all over Facebook that he hated us and was going to petrol bomb us a few months ago!!!  Happy family's
My mother sent her usual Xmas message of doom, along the lines of is he in Broadmoor yet, well at least it keeps her away.
Meanwhile from experience, I'm beginning to wonder if my stepsons genetic problems are masking schizophrenia , he's not particularly stable at times and the talking to himself and the random noises are getting worse. Maybe I notice more because it's been a few months since we last had him.
I have got through it yet again and it's nearly back to normal and thrifting and crafting time just another few days and most of them will depart, my life will be nearly my own again.  Can't wait

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