Thursday, 11 December 2014

Thrifty Finds For A £1

Lets get the gripe over with for today , popped into Boston Asda for me perishables , Mr Bah Humbug has been moaning that we never have butter anymore so i thought id treat him to spreadable Lurpak for xmas . £6.20!!!!!! for a large tub , I admit it must be a year since I bought any , probably last xmas but i remember it was £4 something then , isnt inflation supposed to be 1.?% .needless to say he got the £1.80 big tub of something chemically concocted "Bears No Resemblance To Butter "
 Gripe 2.  Why does Asda never have any of its cheap bread in at 45p , just gaps in the shelf , I have hungry males, they can demolish a loaf at one meal so why would i pay 75p a loaf ? not a huge difference but cheap bread fits in the toaster properly and im counting pennies frantically at the moment . Breadmaker is out and ive got parsnip bread festering along with some weird fridge soup in the slowcooker for  tonight .

Just so that I would have something thrifty to show and tell i spent my £1 hot drinks money in the thrift shop yesterday , quite pleased with what i got and it all has a none xmas theme
Loved these Meakin Castile Maidstone plates , my rubbish dishwasher has broken yet more, so I actually needed these . Marked Willow Pattern tablecloth that can go in the soak and bleach pile for the spring , they currently have a big tub of embroidered , crochet and vintage tablecloths  and pillowcases in at the Moorlands Relate 10p each so scuttle on down . A little Scandi Thing? ive seen these on lots of American Blogs , first one ive found in the UK, may stage my own Thing On the Shelf Party

Pretty big girl shirt that doesnt fit , into the cutting pile it will go , Hillstonia mini planter , I have an awful lot of these , just like the browness of it . Best of the lot this plastic OK made in Hong Kong back to the 60s childs Sewing machine , not working it has a broken knob , but as i want it for a display item it doesnt matter in the slightest .
I successfully filled a bag for a £1 due to the 10p sales in Moorlands Relate , see even a broke thrifter can still pick up pleasing rubbish

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