Monday, 8 December 2014

Its Begining To Feel Like Grinchmas

Oh tidings of comfort and joy .......................Im starting to feel positively like a disgrace to my social class at the moment , 4 weeks plus and Mr Bah Humbug still hasnt found a job and is still engaged in wondering what the heck is going on with the benefit system . We still have been unable to access a penny from our amazing benefit system , we are managing just. To get by, we sold a vehicle one of the things we usually do in times of emergency , this means every day takes some serious organisation to get everyone where they need to be , but its not impossible .
Best laugh at the benefits office, because we are in council accommodation we will be moved to anywhere there is a job vacancy for  Mr Bah Humbug , his job being a bit specialised . Not quite sure where the rest of us are going to live , we all  have jobs in Lincoln !!  but hey ho , cant wait to see how they will make that work.
Meanwhile the press and government are moaning about food bank usage , I can see why its use is growing , the benefits system is just a total shambles you muppets .
Now lets see where im a disgrace to my working class origins
1...I havent any tattoos , Mr Bah Humbug has a couple from 20 odd years ago and the kids have none 2...We rely on each other as a family when times are hard , we dont assume the state is our parent
3.. Sorry i havent got a big enough TV to fit in , this frequently draws a look of horror from visitors
4...Dont smoke never have , would drink if i could afford it, but cant .
5 ..Have boring phone that just makes calls and texts
6..Dont own a Staffie
7..Havent bought anything on HP for over 20 years

See im a misfit , bring on xmas , theres a scabby cheap mass produced turkey waiting in the freezer which i will perform miracles with over the xmas period . Havent a clue what else we will have but turkey dinner is sorted...the xmas present to ourselves is heating oil , lifes just  so exotic these

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