Sunday, 21 December 2014

A Xmas Domestic Goddess

Come on admit it how many of you are supposed to be making your mince pies and mulling your wine , but are actually pretending having got out the mixing bowl and scattered a bit of flour around?
Your really hid in the house somewhere, on the puter reading blogs arent you
Well that makes two of us , the urge to stab bleedin Kirsty Allsop and her Xmas aspirations is upon me . severe bitter twisted old bird here .
 I have long realised that my family are a bunch of chavs , they wont care if the custard comes out of a packet or the mince pies cost 75p from Heron this morning for a big freezer bag full .
The only Xmas spirit theyre interested in comes from the Off Licence ,they will drink Lambrini and Carling till it comes out of their ears, even my aspirational daughter reverts to antifreeze coloured alco pops given the chance .
The munchkin will be unimpressed with everything he gets off Santa and will have broken or had confiscated most of his loot by dinner , he will be lucky to survive the day unless i start on the red wine when i get up to ram the turkey in the oven
The cat is even on my hate list , he will be under my feet all the time and you just know someone will feed it something stupid ..... remember if the cat gets to the turkey while its defrosting , damage can be hidden with strips of bacon and the cat can be stuffed up the turkey .
My mother ...lets not go there till tomorrow!!!!

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