Saturday, 3 January 2015

A Celtic Challenge

We've reached day three of the stay motivated 2015 challenge , its not going well I should have gone to work today, instead ive mooched round doing a bit of domestic servitude and munchkin sitting and  enjoyed the peace of the youngest going back to his mother .
On the work front I have my suspicions, I seem to have an awful lot of work landing on the mat , not a bad thing because im broke , but a bad thing because i think my trainee may have run away already, probably got his first wage slip and realized they lie....they lie lots .
So in preparation for lots of time on the road im trying to find some little projects to keep in the car for when im bored and sat about waiting for appointments , im sure some of the folks I have to meet exist in a different space time vortex,  10.30am means 12.00 am to some of them on a good day and i just have to smile sweetly and except that .
Now I have tons of things half finished , but i crave something for a change from last years granny squares and crochet , so i figure back to embroidery and cross stitch .
Notice i'm not saying i will finish anything , but the light quality for stitching is always better outside in the car . So this is the first project into the bag

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