Saturday 24 January 2015

Ebay Weekend

Joy.....Its realise the car needs taxing and youve got bog all in the bank . So now ive got to make an effort and do some ebay listing at
The shop has been languishing for about 3 months , I never sell in the run up to xmas , to much stress and hassle.   stuff goes missing in the post , takes forever to arrive and theres a lot of people using ebay who have no idea what theyre doing but they want it NOW . So if you want to spend hours on the phone trying to sort out negative feedback from people who have pressed the wrong button and deal with crazy expectations of honest listings, be my guest , its just not for me .
Ive been listing the stuff I hate , things that are hard to post and my pet hate clothing .  I just cant take decent pics of  clothing , i have no sense of style and i always look as if i got dressed in the dark , mainly because i do!! Saying that its been selling as fast as i list it , but these are all stuff thats been laying around for ages .
The Shell Shades were at a giveaway price but I paid pennies for them and just got sick of moving them around , plus the postage was prohibitive and you cant insure glass items. Sold straight away, if you have the fittings they are Art Deco and fetch silly money

First of the Laura Ashley nighties has gone and I dont think the tatty writing slope will be here for long .

Ive made the effort to list the cow books , ive a theory they may have to go as fire lighters , but once again they came in a job lot from an auction  so have cost me nothing . Theres always that little voice saying things are worth more and you should hold out for a better price . But its a long time to car boot season

 Much more to list tomorrow , subject to family crisis of course , im beginning to feel my life is like a secondhand soap opera at the moment

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