Sunday, 4 January 2015

Negative Vibes

I currently feel that im existing in a different dimension to the rest of the family . Last night I managed a whole 9 hours sleep , something I just havent done while the youngest has been here , mooching round rooting through things half the night . I should have got up full of the joys of spring instead I woke up foul and have just not got any better as the days gone on . Daughter having returned from her adventures at Edinburgh Hogmanay Party , has took to the sofa with some vile chesty lurgy that will be spread to us all no doubt .
The munchkin hasnt had any sleep at his other grandparents, he has big black circles round his eyes and is a monster that should be abandoned wrapped in duct tape on the doorstep of Social Services .
Mr Bah Humbug is bouncing round excited about his new job tomorrow but is also practicing his role of munchkin killer , bless him, he really doesnt grasp just how totally p***ed off with them all I am . Busy work week ahead and I just know not one of our offspring is going to do anything to help around the bleedin house , lets face it they cant even empty a hoover or do a sink of washing up without twenty askings . Something just snapped this morning when I was sorting all the recycling out  that theyre all to lazy to do
So how do the rest of you manage to get a bunch of ungrateful 20 somethings to do anything ?

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