Wednesday 21 January 2015

Time Eaters

Somehow im losing big chunks of my life being a carer , every time I think weve had some improvement with Mr Bah Humbug something else comes along ..Now the CSA were put on this planet to serve no useful purpose other than to make anyone involved with them lose hope , they rang today and he answered next thing hes screaming down the phone at them , hurls it at me and says deal with that!!!
The gist of it was, why hadnt he paid any CSA since November when he was made redundant, his son was 19 in November and  my other half  has been unemployed since then  . Surprise, the age which you have to pay till has now been raised to 20 !!!! at this rate he will be paying till his son has kids. But they can only take £5 a week from benefits so his arrears are around the £60 mark, as we currently have only £71 a week to live on till I can go back to work full time, this means were down to a budget of zilch . We dont qualify for Housing or Council Tax benefit due to an interesting anomaly that Kesteven Council exploits to the hilt  because i am self employed on a zero hours contract they have to calculate my earnings at minimum wage for 40 hrs , the argument being I should just work harder , but you cant if the works not there .   Meanwhile im stuck with a bloke who cant come to work everyday with me because he only has to hit a bump and hes in agony and i have to find a babysitter for him when i go out because of the mental health issue . To cap it all ive another 50 page booklet to fill in from the ESA that needs filling inyesterday , that he hadnt told me about and to say hes un co-operative is an understatement all im getting is scowls and hassle at the moment .
So at the moment as I have nothing positive to show or tell and because I hate depressing blogs , Im not posting much but im reading you all and chipping in here and there.

Something pretty from the vaults!!

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