Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Off To The Workhouse We Go

Well heres this weeks depressing post from the world of benefits claimants . AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH.
Im still staring at the 50 page ESA form wondering where the hell to start . Meanwhile ive got to apply for housing benefit which has a 40 page form that ive just printed off ...we may be entitled to £11 a week , oh joy touch my forelock and thank Mr Cameron for that one .
Were coming to the end of the savings and the backlog of JSA so things are going to get more than tough . currently we have ESA and 2 weeks of my part time work coming up to last us 4 weeks , it just cant be done , we wont starve its just the bills that wont get paid ...all the bills .
Then to cap it all and to once again set Mr Bah Humbug back to square one , we get a letter from The Job Center saying theyre taking £38 a week out of his £71 pounds ESA for the CSA !!!
Ring them up ,eventually get to speak to a very nice lady , who says good grief that cant be right !! You need to ring the CSA thats the order thay have sent through to us . And gives us a number

Ring number, press endless buttons sit on hold for 10 minutes at a gold nugget a minute , finally get through only to have Aiden promptly hang up on us . Ring again 15 minutes on hold only to get through to a vile creature called Mary in Belfast . He cant answer the security questions fast enough for her liking plus she then starts ranting on about me coaching him through the questions , I must leave the room or shes hanging up !! Im sorry love if his major depressive episode is interfering with him answering your questions . He is told that he must put any questions in writing because theyre not speaking to him on the phone , then she hangs up . Dont worry I will be putting my comments in writing and it will go to my MP as well .
Finally find another phone number for the CSA , get through to a very nice lady after another 15 minute wait . He explains that I deal with the matter and shes quite happy to speak me . Yep  its an error , the data onscreen doesnt match what they sent on the spreadsheet to the jobcenter . They apologise , matter sorted , it will be corrected .
 Now ive just got to convince my other half that its not his fault and that hes not useless and a burden, thanks CSA


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