Saturday, 10 January 2015

Lets Try

Managed to achieve a couple of days work this week having found a babysitter for Mr Bah Humbug , whos hobbling about in Eeyore mode bless him , still cant either sit stand or lay for any period of time without being in agony , though hes got a lot of tingly feeling coming back to his hands and arms , emergency appointment with the specialist next week at Sheffield , may have to drug him and lay him in the back of the van as he cant stand to even run over a pebble without grunting .
Havent done much thrifting, sneaked into the Moorlands Relate yesterday and spent a whole 10p on a flannelette sheet for a quilt backing . highlight of my week was 8am outside Lincoln Cathedral in the first light listening to the choirboys practicing . its so nice when its tourist free .

Daughter has been helping me with the 50 odd page ESA form that Mr Bah Humbug has to send in , how anyone whos off work with a mental health problem would be able to deal with this is beyond me , its a totally meaningless, over complex and continually repeating itself , doubtless we will do it wrong so once again it will be weeks till its sorted. we are fortunate that theyve just started paying the backdated JSA from October so we may get caught up with things...Life on Benefits why would anyone do it except through necessity

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