Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Mental Health Tissues

Not for the first time I'm wondering what I did wrong in a previous life. I love Mr Bah Humbug dearly and the one problem I have with him is that he never tells me things , he's only ever told me one lie many moons ago and that was that he was 5ft 7...errrr guess what I noticed when we first met in the flesh.
Now yesterday he started his new wonderful job , he's been behaving a little oddly for a few days, I just couldn't figure out what was up . last night he came home in a terrible state one leg dragging , no feeling or grip in his hands it had taken him an hour to drive a twenty minute trip. We've been at the doctors today turns out he's been told by two consultants that he shouldn't be doing manual work.
forgot to mention that didn't he , plus because of the state he was in today they threatened to section him , he's having a breakdown again ,  were back to square one , where he was two years ago .
So he's to be watched 24/7 for at least two weeks till his new pills kick in, that's going to be a good rota to post on the fridge.
Now It's may seem quite blasé , but the sad fact is I've been here most of my life , my dad had a breakdown, my ex husband was bipolar, ive seen more mental health facilities than most and can throw a bout of post natal depression many moons ago into the pot .
The new GP seemed appaled that I know the drugs inside out and the dosages, somewhat to my surprise she even slung a sick note for a month at him, not sure how this will work , because the job center will sanction him for 6 months for leaving employment , but doubtless we're going to find out

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