Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Now We Are Six

Now we all have strange conversations with six year old boys , but the munchkin has been giving me some corkers this week
Grandma , when are the men with guns going to come and shoot us ?
What men with guns?
The ones on the TV who hate us
Theyre not
Yes they are, we arent muslims and they shoot you if youre not

Now how do you answer that to a six year old , hes not concerned with the bigger picture of the world just his six year world thats filled with lego and other little people. so here goes the best I could come up with .

We live in the countryside and lots of mummy and daddies have guns here so that bad people cant hurt you .
 His reply ............
James' dad has an Apache and they shoot the bad people !!

Cant you just tell we live in between two big RAF bases ?

When i was small , I must have been 6 or 7, my first vivid memory of war was Vietnam , the image of the little girl being napalmed as she ran down the road has stuck in my mind all these years . I had nightmares for ages after seeing that on the news .
I hope the events of the last couple of weeks dont give the munchkin nightmares , but how old do you have to be to realise that violence in anyones name is wrong ?

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