Thursday, 30 April 2020

Plague 24

Well the Morrisons delivery was interesting to say the least , no veg , one pack of grapes , most of the fresh and frozen missing instead we got 13 chowmein pot noodles and lots of own brand tomato soup . You cant even check if the substitutions are any good and send them back at the moment .  I finally made the effort of complaining only to get a standard reply saying i should order the overpriced grocery boxes .
My daughter had tipped me off that the old Lincoln Lidl was fully stocked and there wasnt much of a queue , so off we toddled , only 4 or 5 queuing so big trolley time . Security on the door but it wasnt to bad a few odds and ends missing but the first time id seen tinned milk or flour for weeks , not a lot of frozen stuff but there was plenty of stock of everything else , so i did a big shop a really big shop the struggle to push it and see over it shop , i was generating tons of muttering and scowls from other shoppers , but thats it ive achieved and managed to restock pretty much everything and it will last for weeks . If we live that long .   Next door also had a delivery from Morrisons and commented that hers was equally strange and not very useful , but theyre the only company that is delivering round here at the moment .
Anyway due to the lack of frozen stuff at Lidl i hit on the bright idea of  wandering over the road to B&N it has a Heron inside , the queue was down the road which seemed a bit strange , all with big trolleys , when i finally got inside it was even stranger , the shelves opposite the door were packed but then once you got in all the food section was ransacked and pretty much empty except for all the weird sauces and spices they stock . So i trundled down to the far end to go to the Heron section it was pretty much deserted and well stocked , got what i needed then got harassed by a mangeress shouting 2 metres apart 2 metres apart , small problem the aisles are so narrow that you cant pass in them , all those with trolleys seemed to be heaping up curtains bedding and decorating equipment and all those aisles are nearest to the tills , which you couldnt get to for the people in those aisles , so the whole store just ground to a halt with the manageress still running round barking at everyone, a very surreal experience .
Glad it should be well over a month till i need to venture out again except for pills , came home sat down and slept all afternoon , only to be woken up by MR BH moaning i forgot to get him any piccalilli and another delivery of wholesale catering supplies that were very cheap 


  1. I'm so pleased I'm stretching my shopping as much as possible so I don't have to face it. I think its knowing deep down that this is it for the foreseeable future makes me feel worse.

    1. that was my replenish the apocalypse trip , its weird the daft bits we run out of , vinegar of all things needed a load to pickle garden stuff once things finally get going

  2. Grocery shopping used to be something that I enjoyed - lots of different shops to choose from - no fear of death - no lineups! Oh well - I had to go downtown to my office yesterday so I took my bundle buggy along just in case. Got lucky and picked up a few needed items as I walked through the underground complex. The only shops open are the couple of fancy grocery stores and the Pharmacies - along with a handful of coffee shops. This area serves the people who work in the office towers of the financial district and most of them are all working from home - many just pop in once a week - so all shops are on limited hours.
    There were no lineups and hardly any people at all so it wasn't stressful. I even managed to hit the liquor store on the way home so the trip was worth the effort. I wore a mask and gloves coming & going and won't venture out again until next Friday when I go back to the office for just a couple of hours. I'll stop off at another underground complex when I switch subway trains (which are also virtually empty) otherwise I'm sticking close to home for the next 10 days.
    I'm sorry that it was so crazy for you and that the delivery wasn't worth the effort - rest up today!

  3. i hate physical shopping at the best of times , im fine at stuff like outdoor markets but big supermarkets are a soddin nightmare