Friday 3 April 2020

Plague 12

So ive spent a couple of days putting my affairs in order etc , had a bit of a temperature felt really achy and crap . Then low and behold i hatch a patch of shingles yet again, never been so pleased to see them , see Covid has bought some plus points to my life ..
Well now theyve hatched i feel fine apart from the usual my leg doesnt quite belong to me feeling , waiting for my glands to shrivel back up properly but i think i can manage a bit of pottering in the garden today . The thing is there are drama queen shingles , which are terrible and can kill you and ive had a few batches in the last 30 odd years ,  but i get the endemic variety 90% of the time , nuisance shingles as i like to call them , little patches of pain , as a general rule they come as a free gift with auto immune illnesses of any kind . I have had psoriasis for many years, so hey ho   . I have a damaged sciatic nerve as a souvenir which can be interesting at times , but i never go 6 months without a flare so cant have the vaccine.  The antivirals seem to have no effect so im not going to be bothering my doctors at this time , i will potter on . I have some cold sore cream if it was bad but this is a minor league batch .
Anyway onward from my personal plague , what Covid news do we have . Oh i got a letter from the DWP informing me of the 70p pay rise in carers allowance along with several pages of  bumph threatening me with legal action if i dont inform them immediately if my partner dies , so when they ring you to tell you that theyve euthanized your partner that must be your first phone call , getting a bit unsubtle on the hope all the disabled die front arent they? 
Then theres all the not so subtle digs that the vulnerable elderly should give up their lives for the greater good . Sending out DNR letters to folks explaining that its for the benefit of the paramedics to not try to resuscitate people , somehow i dont think the paramedics see it that way . Its more GPs informing their patients that this is what the government has requested them to do . 


  1. Hope you feel better soon Kate it must have been a relief to know it was shingles and not the dreaded virus. Take care.

  2. Shingles is a horrid thing. I've only had it once and it made me feel quite poorly. Hope you feel better soon. I haven't heard of the DNR notification.

  3. In reality, everyone with chronic health conditions or over 70 should have completed a DNR form. I've done CPR on fragile 90 year olds, broke their ribs and sternum. They wind up in ICU, usually intubated and tube fed. Very few leave the hospital after that admission. I know my Dad kept copies of his DNR in his wallet and coat pocket when he was terminally ill because he didn't want a paramedic to "save him".

    Consider yourself fortunate to get a carers allowance. In my country, if I had to give up work to care for my spouse, I would get no government assistance. It's considered being married, for better or worse, in sickness or health.

  4. 50 and counting yes. In reality it does not matter if a DNAR form is signed or not in UK.Medical and nursing staff decide under the do no harm rule. Chances of CPR working is nil organs have shut down sepsis spread. CPR would be cruel pain when dying. Only 20 percent of healthy 20 year olds survive after CPR .

    1. Thank You!!!

      So many think CPR will SAVE them. It might or it might send you over the edge in a much nastier way than a heart stoppage.

      I pointed out to my 93yo MIL that CPR would most likely break all her ribs, puncture her ribs and lacerate her liver. She'd wake up in ICU, most likely on a ventilator and being tube fed. Her chances of going home would be less than 20% and she'd spend what remains of her life in a nursing home.

      My brother in laws insist she have all measure because she's got a lot of life in her! My husband is praying she goes in her sleep.

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