Monday, 20 April 2020

Plague 20

So its monday morning and what has changed in the world ?  thought id tackle the Daily Heil this morning and see what propaganda for pensioners they are spouting . So we now have a new hate society in the Murdock view finder . China lots of posts of how they have lied about the extent and causes of Corona . Well guess what all governments lie , some are better at it than others .  People are still dying in China of Corona , they are merely over the peak , that doesnt mean its not going to be around for months if not years .
Major Tom bless his heart , hope they scrounge a meeting with the Queen to make the old blokes day , they may have to meet in individual bubble tents to avoid the virus but that looks like the future of being vulnerable elderley for the future .
Then theres America...i know i have a lot of American readers so i hope i dont offend anyone . You do realise that the internet and media are presenting you all as gun toting loons at the moment ? Those of you that i actually talk to seem to be taking the Corona virus just as seriously as the rest of the world . Social Isolation etc etc .
 I do suppose its hard to grasp the seriousness of the virus situation when you live in a property miles from others where you rarely venture out except for beer and ammunition . But those in towns and cities are being hit hard , the poor and ethnic minorities are dying in droves , partly due to unaffordable health care .  In 14 days or so all those gun toting dickheads who are marching waving guns and group hugging around government buildings will find out the hard way that they may have few symptoms but they will pass on a virus that can kill anyone to members of their family.  They think its imaginary and being hyped up ?   In the UK everyone knows someone who has had this, many have died some will be left with lifelong disabilities , it damages organs permanently .  Others get over it without more than a cough and a couple of weeks of grotty .  Somehow i dont think the right to bear arms is going to be a lot of protection


  1. American reader here - not surprised, but not pleased - that we are now viewed as “gun toting loons” by the rest of the world. Really, it isn’t everyone here, and (hopefully) not the majority of us. People who insist on “liberty” and “rights” over safety are willfully ignorant. They are disrespecting the sacrifices made by our hard working medical professionals among so many others. They are endangering EVERYONE so they can march around shouting. (Interestingly, many seem to be wearing PPE masks... a few are even suited up in Tyvek coveralls while they rant about the virus - how it isn’t real, isn’t “that bad”, isn’t dangerous, etc.)
    I don’t even watch broadcast news these days... it isn’t news, isn’t unbiased, isn’t helpful, no matter what one’s political leanings might be.
    Please know that not all Americans are blindly swallowing the word vomit issuing from gov’t “leaders”. many of us are hunkered down, waiting for the next wave to come through, doing whatever we can to stay home and stay safe. Unfortunately, a contingent of fools are beginning to venture out shopping (really? They NEED crafting supplies? Or hugs from virtual strangers? Or fast food?)
    My parents live far away from me, in a smallish midwestern town. This week, their local McDonalds closed as two employees have the virus. who knows how many they infected? A few days should disclose some of that. But worse, the local oncology clinic closed as FIVE employees and two patients tested positive. That makes my blood boil! The clinic was not using PPE and evidently not practicing social distancing! The most immunocompromised people in the town were exposed - why? Ignorance? Willfulness? Political conservatism? Lack of value for the lives of others? (Maybe the clinic has bled the insurance money out of their patients and they are no longer profitable? I pray that’s my overactive imagination ...but maybe not)
    Sheesh. I always believed we human beings were smarter, better informed, and more empathetic than this type of behavior. Heartbreakingly, not true.
    Meanwhile, we’ve been at home six weeks, only venturing outside our own backyard for three walks, two drives in the countryside, and one emergency curbside pick up of repair parts for the washing machine. Groceries are delivered to the doorstep and wiped down before we bring them in. Telephone calls keep me in contact with my parents and with my eldest and her family, all quite far away.
    I keep trying to work out how to get to my parents if I need to... it’s three days of solid driving. I could sleep in the car... take food and bottled water... wear gloves and a mask when I need to stop for fuel... but where do I use a rest room? I don’t want to get ill nor carry anything home to them from some sketchy service station restroom. Yikes. The roadside “rest areas” are mostly closed - replaced with portable toilets that are notoriously filthy and cramped even on the best of days. I wouldn’t consider using one in these times. Some states are stopping cars with out of state license plates. What do I do? Travel by night? Set off overland on foot with a backpack and shoes to last for six months of walking? (Okay, that’s a bit dramatic.)
    So we do the best we can, following stay at home policies, reaching out to others with social media, reading and cooking and gardening and watching something on tv in the evenings (The Repair Shop is our new favorite, but sadly only two seasons are available over here)
    Not all Americans are marching the streets waving firearms and foaming at the mouth. But some are. And it’s terrifying.

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  2. I was shocked to read about what has happened in America. Especially when they showed the beaches in Florida 10 minutes after they were opened. They were full to capacity. From what I gather Philadelphia failed to cancel a parade in 1918 and within weeks the death toll due to the Spanish Flu epidemic was colossal. Every bed in every hospital was filled. History has shown us not what to do.

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  3. Not gonna get too worried about how the rest of the world sees us.
    We don't think your choices are always fabulous either, lol.
    Let me tell you how we see ourselves. We live our lives on our own terms, we cherish our independence and our liberty, we are driven to be self-sufficient and never depend on the government (don't say what about social security...we pay a large chunk of our earnings into social security and that makes it a self-funded pension plan, not an entitlement), and we work until we literally drop or can afford to retire on our own or with the help of family (three generation homes still happen here).
    My husband has a court documented double digit disability (back injury, three surgeries), severe asthma and high blood pressure. He is not interested in a disability check as long as he can work. He works hard managing a night crew in the grocery and is at great risk during this time. No one cares about his risk, because they want to eat. I suggested we could cut back and live on my earnings, but he will not. He says no, he needs access to goods and the money to buy them because many family, friends and neighbors may begin to rely on us. He began helping others as soon as we went into lockdown. Today he brought home a multipack of TP for me to drop to a friend with cancer. TP is very scarce and expensive where we live.
    Also, Americans are not willing to live under the kind of big government that most of Europe has become comfortable with. Honestly, we would rather starve or die of this pandemic. Since many of us are Christians, we do not fear death.
    As for the pandemic...a quote from my 76 year old mom who is at high risk due to kidney damage..."This country has got to go back to work before it destroys the economy and the soul of the American people, even if it kills me."
    Most of us are following the guidelines, using social distancing and masks when out and trying to help those who cannot get out where we can. We shout across the street to our neighbors to ask if they have everything they need.
    We are much more level-headed than you may think and most of us are more careful with our guns than you could ever imagine. We just have a very different set of values.
    Take care, y'all.

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