Sunday 12 April 2020

Plague 17

You do get the feeling that mother nature is now taking the piss on the weather front dont you . Another glorious day , i was up at first light to torch the second major bonfire of the year , ive noticed theres little wind early on , plus heaping conifer branches over the top means its over and done really quickly . Then i noticed i'd gained a small cheering fan at her bedroom window,next doors 3 year old , poor little soul is bored out of her brain. Her mother is to say this politely a tad loud , so we hear  her killing them all day long
One odd fact is the quiet from next door but one, normally he has every window open and his radio blaring till it distorts at the first hint of warmth , cant help wondering if someone has bought him some headphones or one of the other neighbours has tried to kill him.
No1 favourite on my quarantine list, decent drying weather just as Mr BH hits one of his infamous bowel problem patches , hes feeling very sorry for himself  and maxing his painkillers so all he does is sleep at the moment . I think the problems over his dads death arent helping , plus hes 50 next week and theres no party , in fact i havent had a single inspiring thought yet , everything he likes he has or isnt possible . Its hard work with someone as grumpy as he is . Very tempted to make him a pork pie and stick candles in it , but im not sure if he would take it well


  1. Poor Kate, just keep buggering on.

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  2. You got me thinking about pork pies now lol! I wonder if I could make one...

  3. Could he have a fondue pork pie and sausage Birthday party and pretend the sticks are fishing rods? x

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