Sunday, 26 April 2020

Plague 23

So heres a few tales that i would struggle to make up...Mumsie
So on ringing mother the other day , its usually an hour of her ranting on and me going really  , yes , no . she informed me that shes finally discovered Wiltshire Farm Foods and shes not cooking ever again  thank god for that she was moaning the other day that shed set fire to the microwave .
Now i stalk my mother on various facebook sites local to her etc . Had a good chuckle that the police had to put up a post stating that the groups of men hanging round not social distancing were actually the local drug squad hanging about waiting to do a raid , how many calls had they had on the dob your neighbour line had they had?
My call to mother the other day however ended with me having to hang up because i was in tears and in great danger of a puddle on the floor .
The wonders of Boris , theres a bloke with a twinkle in his eye! As if his ability to impregnate vacuous blondes is a miracle Oh and he sent her a letter !
 Those proper suited boys on telly everyday telling us the good news . The spawn of Alan Bastard reading the soddin autocue they cant even get right . 
And just to finish me off . Isnt it a good job all the foreigners fucked off home , now they wont be fondling her lettuce anymore ...ffs why wasnt i adopted this image is stuck in my mind forever 

I have no idea what is going on with the font and print type on Blogger ive given up 

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