Saturday 4 April 2020

Plague 13

So just to mix stuff up we get a phonecall from Mr Bah Humbugs brother to say his 80 something  year old dad has been taken to hospital , now we rarely see his dad hes about 10 miles away and since they replaced his knees hes never there , he fishes every day he possibly can he just turns up on the doorstep if he wants to borrow tools or he turns up at the fishing pits if he wants to talk to his  boys ,hes full time carer to his much younger partner , who for good reason takes painkillers like smarties . But getting much sense out of her can be hard work .   She had just rung to say he was being shoved in an ambulance , she didnt know why or where they were taking him ? 
Well it took 24 hours to find him , then to be told that hes on the stroke unit , there had been some confusion about his location because he doesnt use the name he was born with ,plus nobody actually knows what year he was born in , because he lies about it and his past . The only way i managed to track him is because i did mr bah humbugs family history and found his great grand parents , so obtained his original birth certificate years ago .
 When they eventually admitted they had him , it turns out we can be given no information about him , his partner must be the only point of contact . Great , families are wonderful so none of his 5 kids can find out didly squat about what is going on , hs partner never answers the phone and when she does she has no idea who anyone is . Obviously theres a no visiting rule at the moment . The fact that hes on the stroke unit doesnt mean he has had a stroke either ,because thats where all non quarantined elderley patients are being kept at the moment


  1. Bloody hell Kate, it never rains but it pours.

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  2. ive reached the realms of yes dear at the moment ...its very zen

  3. My heart goes out to you. My own Dad is in hospital at the moment, it is hard when you can't visit and have very little information. Take care.

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