Friday, 24 April 2020

Plaque 22

Ho hum....well im progressing quite well with my no dig gardening , its all a tad late looking at the weather , but who trusts the English weather , we had a late Easter scooter Rally at Great Yarmouth many moons ago when on the final day we had 6 inches of snow . So the cabbage patch has been covered with carpet and they will go in once its done its work straight into the cabbage cages to keep the butterflies away .  Second sewing of broad beans today , we can never have to many of those , did tons of old squash seeds yesterday i soaked them for a couple of days , so we will see , the grounds nice and warm so i can chuck most things straight into the ground . The Strawberry Patch is looking pretty tragic and there were hardly any runners to pot on , must order some seed to start for next year . Nothing very exciting to report at all , i await the Morrisons delivery with interest  Saturday seems to be the only day they deliver in this area but even their odd and interesting version of your shopping list is a help .
Mr Bah Humbug is insisting on going to his departed dads at the weekend to start sorting out his garages and sheds , im not going . In the spirit of being a right cow ive pointed out there is nothing he cant live without and im not helping . I also pointed out its me who will have to look after him if he catches something . So his brother and one of his kids have been roped in and im getting the death stare and the attitude . Personally i dont see how losing your life over a load of yet more rusty crap he cant use is justified . The village hes going to is the local Corona hotspot .


  1. Stay safe Kate and keep buggering on.

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  3. You don't need this worry do you.You have warned him but what more can you do other than tie him to a chair for everyone's safety x