Monday 6 April 2020

Plague 14

So grandad has passed and left Mr Bah Humbug an orphan , hes in a bit of a state he was the youngest and spent his whole life trying to get an ounce of approval from the strange man that was my father in law .  Famous for his refusal to leave the 70s behind , with his huge collection of gold dangling round his neck and on his fingers , his twinkle in his eye when it came to any woman , his mad max trike that he bought to celebrate his final retirement and his fishing addiction that he passed on to his sons .
Its still a bit of a mystery what has gone on , the hospital finally said that he had come in with a large head injury and developed pneumonia . His partner is still refusing to speak to the family , no surprises there , she refused to come here ever again when i told her she couldnt smoke in my house even if she was disabled?  that was over 10 years ago , grandad would still appear from time to time , but he was her carer . One brother did comment do you think shes done him in ? because they were notorious for scrapping and arguing . But i would think its more likely that hes done something really dumb because he would never admit he was in his 80s and didnt look a day over 50 .
So we can all just speculate , there are no funerals at the moment so we will probably never know .the fact , that hes left everybody wondering would have amused him no end im sure


  1. Strange times indeed. As you say, you may never know the full story. But my sympathy is with your OH and his siblings. However eccentric, he was still his dad.

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  2. Sincere condolences to all the family how sad not to be able to have a funeral. Strange times.

  3. A similar thing happened in a friends family a few weeks ago (just before end of the current world) with an estranged ex-son in law the police came round as they found the "partner's" explanation a bit vague and unco-operative" and the police were not sure the daughters had been told. Then lockdown and they have given up expecting any explanation with the funeral rushed through this week. Strange times and I suspect not the last of this kind of thing to happen.

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