Sunday 3 May 2020

Plague 25

So here we are at the Silver Jubilee Plague post . Well its sunday morning in the fens and its much like every other Sunday morning in the fens , sunny but a bitter wind so until it warms up a little i will sit and have yet another cuppa , put in several loads of washing and contemplate various garden chores i need to get round to . May take the cats out for a toddle as ive spotted a  nothing like raiding a skip for anything useful .

while trying to clean the awkward stair window last evening i nearly burnt out my retinas, now since lockdown there has been a bit of a competition going on with a couple of the neighbours who are stuck at home , there have been daily deliveries from the builders merchants , fork lifts whizzing about , much sounds of machinery etc . You can only see into the gardens from our tiny stair window and then only hanging out of it to clean it . One appears to have built a small brick bungalow at the bottom of his garden and the other has paved everywhere and installed a huge hot tub which i was truly unfortunate to witness at just the wrong time last night as he waddled down the yard to climb in stark bollock naked . Why me??

Then theres the fact that due to public outcry the Local Council is opening the household waste sites with social distancing rules , which seems like a good idea . Till you read all of it . You must go only with a prebooked appointment , it is only for garden waste , you may not take a trailer or van . Now it may be me , but surely fly tipped garden waste is the least of the fly tipping problem it will biodegrade where its dumped eventually , not ideal but thats what will happen , surely they would be better accepted ordinary none biodegradable waste to reduce fly tipping ?  To obvious i feel .

Daft publishing of the day , i spotted a death by Corona map by postcode  making the headlines in the Daily Heil ,  very misleading , it looks like there have only been the odd deaths in this county so it makes us look like the best holiday destination in the country come releasing everyone . Surely a map of Corona cases would have been more useful . The survival rates are really good here , you have to be damned unlucky to die from it . Mainly because we dont have a great many black or asian residents or areas with high density living . We also dont have a great many hospitals or GPS and a very high pensioner population , so if the hoards turn up it could quickly turn us in to the killing fields.


  1. They are reopening our local tip , they are social distancing by registration number , for example if the last number of your registration is 4 you can go to the tip on the 4,14,and24 of the month , we will see how that works out .

  2. I had a look at that corona map, trying to work out what are the safest places for me to go walking in the adjoining counties. Couldn't work it out. No deaths anywhere near me in North Lincs, so I'm pretty safe to stay in my own area.

  3. I looked at it but it said 2 cases. Last week the local paper said there had been one death in our area attributed to a retired doctor who had completed some part time work at a surgery locally. But didn't live in the area! So who know how accurate this is.

  4. Only 6 confirmed cases on our little Island with no hospital admissions and no deaths. Worrying for when the ferries start to run again as we all know where people will head...the safest places.

  5. Hi hun, OMG you had me in stitches about your neighbour lol :) Funnily enough two of our neighbours have bought the cheaper versions of the hottubs - like a heated blow up swimming pool.*hugs* Goldensunflowerx