Monday, 11 May 2020

Plague 28

Come on now folks , we are all quite clear about what is expected of us today ?  Everybody should go to the garden center today , via anything but public transport ? 
Back to work today , lets hope someone bothered to tell the owners of businesses or the gates will be locked .  So go to work , but not by public transport , so get on your bike?  With a bit of luck you should be home for dinner ?
Right i now think i have this figured out and translated . Unlimited exercise is meant as , because there is little public transport available due to so many train and bus drivers dying and still being off ill . You need to get on your bike because we cant cope any longer without our cleaners , nannies and au pairs .  There really were people who were very rich ringing up employment agencies asking how to do the washing and what you do with a hoover .
Going to the garden center is code for nipping out to see your lover in a car park somewhere , buying a Hydrangea is code for doing a spot of dogging down the garden center after dark .
Social distancing means just run if you see anyone else , bit dangerous if you happen to be black and its an inner city area .
Will this affect me in any way is back on , so Mr BH is champing at the bit awaiting the pits reopening and clarification that if it states that you can only go alone , can he take a carer .

just hurry up and die you daft buggers , its not going quickly enough yet , we still have a few spare ventilators

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