Wednesday 27 May 2020

Plague 34

Well this is fun , the new Blogger forced upon us specially for phones , not a lot of use to me because i would need a phone the size of a TV to be able to read anything. dont know about any of the rest of you ? 
I dont have a smart phone , crap hands mean i would just be tossing it on the floor all the time and theyre way out of my price range . My credit is so far through the floor that a contract phone isnt happening . Having an income below even normal benefit level doesnt compute .  My other half has a smart phone hes attached to my hip so why would we need two phones ? Once they switch us to Universal credit i will have zero income and become a complete non person in the governments eyes . 
But to lighten things up a little Tesco sent me a load of delivery slots for 3 weeks time , i always used to use Tesco for bulk deliveries as soon as lockdown started they ceased any local deliveries , havent seen a Tescos van for months . We have been stuck with the weird world of Morrisons and the strange substitutions once a month .  So now we should be able to self isolate shop 10 weeks in beggars belief really .
I went down to pick up a prescription missing from the last bargain bucket of other halfs medication list .
Why had we not been using the delivery service ? Because we were told our son must pick up our prescriptions and he cant drive so surely one person picking them up makes sense . Plus he cant pick up one item on the list only i can as a nominee for class A drugs . So im still stood tapping my foot at the window in the sunshine 20 minutes later as they discuss procedure for controlled drugs in the current situation. We can only get a class A drug on a hospital prescription anyway and believe me it seems to cause tons of problems , theres always some new bright spark GP wants to put him back onto the new wonder drug that nearly killed him .  They dont like it when you tell them to scroll back a bit  and spot the seizures and heart problems it caused first time around . 
Meanwhile fishing season is great this year BIL is likely to be off work for some considerable time so theyre toddling off together twice a week having got clarification back that its ok for him to fish with a carer due to disability . This gives me tons of time to work in the garden so im happily pottering .
We also got a letter from the council telling us all the help available to us as vulnerable tenants , better late than never , but out here i didnt expect help, the village network have supported the very elderly and ill the rest of us have muddled along as best we can 


  1. Would your other half not be able to do a bit of fruit packing? It would seem that there is a shortage of pickers and packers and perhaps sitting packing fruit is similar to fishing for a few hours. It might give him a bit of mental stimulation and stop him driving you crazy. The money would probably come in handy too. I looked into it for myself but the site had crashed and now I discover that other than tomatoes there really isn't much grown here in my neck of the woods.

    1. Laughing hysterically Cherie!. This family do not work and have no intention to ever do!. Look at the hilarious slating I got about 5 days ago daring to sugest someone who lost their job could work in a supermarket, NHS or pick fruit!. Got the what would she do with her child crap, if she worked in those areas her child would have got free care. All you will get is reasons not to work!. Katie can work in her garden but not a garden centre. No intention ever ever of working. Nice try tho. Funny.

    2. Bless its so sad when people dont have any grasp of our current benefit system . OH would love something like Cherie suggested more for the social aspect than anything , but hes not allowed in the work place because hes classed as a health and safety risk . Theres tons of field work around us , but its the skilled type , which because its better paid there isnt much of a shortage for the good employers . Pack house work is vanishing as most stuff is packed field side. A lot of producers have put in huge capital investment to mechanise the process . A single person can run several acres of glass houses these days. Soft fruit is the one they always need pickers for regardless of nationality or age

  2. My husband was on a controlled drug while he waited for his hand operation. So I understand what chemists are like about picking it up. Let's hope hubbys mood is lifted by the fishing and you get the garden sorted.

  3. Hi hun, Hopefully hubbie can get back to fishing soon and give you a well deservered break x You need a medal for everything that you have endured. You are an amazing person, strong and very kind.*hugs* Goldensunflowerx

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