Tuesday 5 May 2020

Plague 26

So lets look into my crystal ball .....2021
Scientists are looking into a prominent rise in certain birth defects , some suspect it may be a result of the Covid 19 virus . It has been denied that the government may be responsible for their early reintegration of fertility services during the epidemic .  Several have been arrested for reporting that the superior spaffings of our leader may be involved .

Boris Brexit boxes are now being delivered to all houses , they contain large quantities of British beer and gin , tins of soup bread and custard creams , we are now entering week 56 of lockdown for the non essential .  It also helps those properties that are full of the dead to be identified as the boxes will still be there next week and the local council will investigate . this system hasnt been a great success as a great many parcels are stolen if left .  The earlier scheme where you went out and clapped for the Leader was thought to have been better at identifying the death houses .

Now that your phone app informs you when you may go outside , if there is Covid cases in your area , counts the steps you take and checks your food intake the whole population is benefitting from improved health and as such there is no longer a need for GP services . The new super NHS is amazing , privately run its come on in leaps and bounds to be a service we can be proud of . Sir Richard Branson is running it well in his retirement as a compensation for his airlines going bust . Dave up the road has however been arrested for strapping his phone to his dog and letting it roam all over while he watched Netflix .
More suggested glimpses into the future please folks!!


  1. You have to laugh at it all...

  2. If you don't laugh you cry. Stay safe pet.

  3. I believe there was a Simpsons episode that featured Trump becoming President long before it actually happened. Many a true word spoken in jest.......unfortunately.