Monday, 25 May 2020

Plague 33

Well this has been a fun Bank Holiday weekend . Trial by internet of Dominic Cummings , he couldnt have written the script himself better .  What next hanging courtesy of Twitter?  The vile weasel may have finally overreached himself .  You can hear the rattle of the skeletons in the closet of Boris and Co .
Now i think there is a fair chance we are being played yet again . There was probably one of those cabinet meetings where they all nod their heads and agree with Cummings , that went a little like this .
So which one of you is going to end lockdown this weekend ?
Dont look vacant , though im sure you cant help it .
So heres this weekends cunning plan .
Theyre not leaping back to work quick enough , their not sending their kids back to school quick enough and their not doing enough to boost the economy . So one of you needs to be seen to have not taken a blind bit of notice of any of the rules and advice i have given yet still be alive to tell the tale.
Boris you had man flu and a baby for the team so your excused . Those of you have had a cough publicaly are excused . Whose got children they could have been risking ?  Mogg?

Dont look at me old chap nanny and the kids are at one of my mansions somewhere ?

FFS your all bloody useless when you want a good job done do it yourself , just fuck off for the weekend and i will sort this , what the fuck would you do without me?

So what next they sack him and hes offered millions for the book deal?  They sack him and he has curious accident belting up the A1?  They sack him and he brings the whole shoddy lying circus down around their ears?

The curious silence from Starmer does make me wonder if hes far better at the Game of Thrones than any of us have realised . Is he quietly forming a coalition government behind the scenes?  Or is he quietly negotiating with the civil service . After all they are the folks who have kept us fed during this whole omnishambles and if any one can, they can bring Cummings down, after all he publically announced that he planned to take an axe to the Civil Service , never underestimate the Sir Humphreys of this world .

Boris without his brain may be interesting , when Cummings falls who steps up to fill his shoes ?
Yet more Henry VIII comparisons if you know your history


  1. My friend sent me a clip this morning saying' anyone who was fined for flouting lockdown can now apply for a full refund thanks to the Cummings and Goings act that was passed yesterday! They are all liars and I hope someone finds the truth and brings them down.

  2. We got told off and threatened with a fine for sitting on a bench on the seafront and he gets to visit his mum and dad, something not right there.

  3. Best theory I've heard all weekend!

  4. Hi hun, OMG you are sooo funny and yet soo true!I am angry beyond words. *hugs* Goldensunflowerx

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