Wednesday 20 May 2020

Plague 31 Debt

I always hope i wont have to post a debt guide ever again , but somehow it never happens .
So you have been made redundant , welcome to the screwed up world of benefits .
Applying for Universal Credit , online only then they phone you back and set things going, in 5 weeks you should receive a payment in theory , they will be unable to tell you how much said payment will be at any stage till it lands in your bank account at which point you will be screaming down the phone at them . I have a friend who has ended up in this situation at the moment . It never crossed her mind that the payment including rent wouldnt cover the whole of her rent till it landed , she is left after paying her rent with £66 a month to feed her and her child . Universal Credit doesnt cover the whole of anyones rent and this puts those claiming it straight into debt . Now said friend is freaking out , this is after years of remarks about scroungers on benefits , with big tellys and always down the pub and i have to bite my tongue and tell her she can do it and she can get through this .
First point of contact is Health Visitor or GP  explain the financial situation they will get you foodbank vouchers , i know this is demeaning and you never thought you would sink so low , but this is how you are expected to live if you dare to collect benefits .
Hopefully you have already cancelled every direct debit you have. Rung your energy suppliers to explain ,they have various schemes in place to help. You may be required to accept a prepayment meter, you no longer have to go to the shop to get electric and gas , so you will be spared being visably poor every time you top up . Water rates sadly they are still the spawn of satan and will have you to court in no time , but the courts are shut for debt at the moment so you will be spared the humiliation of joining the queue down the road on water day till the lockdown is over .
Mobile phones stop the direct debit use it as much as possible while its still working to sort stuff out , dont worry about the bill make no attempt to pay it just get a PAYG sim for when it goes off .
If you have a vehicle take it off the road literally and SORN it  . Do remember to disconnect the battery if it is going to be stood for more than a week . If its on finance tell them to come and get it .
The lockdown plus points are that you wont be required to attend the House of Lost Souls for a visit to your job coach , you wont be taken to court for anything debt related and youve got your kid for company 24/7 . 
At least if theres not much food you will lose weight as you pretend your not hungry at meal times and your child wont grow much if the quality of their nutrition is poor .

How bloody depressing is this ?  Its come to something when we can class ourselves as well off compared to so many at the moment .


  1. And yet in your last post ( Plague 30 ) you mention getting a camper van ? Do they come free with benefits ?

  2. What a fantastic country we live in!. That everyone who does and can work pays for those that can,t and wont work. Your friend has a roof over her head and will not starve to death. Benefits are not meant to be lavish at all. How fantastic to get a free home and food. She still gets free healthcare. Other Countries are not so generous. Supermarkets and delivery companies and farmers are desperate for staff just now. Amelie

  3. Anonymous and Amelie your comments are beyond disgusting, disgraceful and despicable. I speak as one in a position of privilege.
    Virtually no one, at this unusual time, knows if they will find themselves in the position Katie's friend is in.
    It must shame us all that children are affected by Universal Credit to the point of hunger.
    Katie, your friend will hopefully appreciate your kindness in offering advice.
    I have been reading your blog from the start recently. It is funny, shocking,moving and powerful in equal measure. Surely there is a book waiting to be written there.

    1. Oh l so agree with all you say Heather.
      Good on you Kate, for being a helpful kind person.
      I expect if a tramp called at your door in need, a cuppa and a sandwich would be readily given.
      Obviously the same could not be said for the writers of the first 2 comments!.
      I too am thankfully in a finacially stable condition, but let's see what happens to some of these judgemental 'superior' types when Financial Armagedon comes knocking and we all know it is only just around the corner in the current climate.
      Tess x

  4. Another Anonymous keyboard warrior lol, let's hope anonymous never has to find out what life is really like on benefits, think they would soon change their tune, its a great leveller.

  5. Hi Anonymous, Saffron here from Australia. I think you are horrible.Karma works and one day will visit you.

  6. I see the trolls have jumped ship now that they can't get onto my blog.

  7. To the two first posters you are truly disgusting and if it was not for the fact I would not wish being placed in a position to have to claim universal credit on anyone I would hope you got to experience first hand just how awful our supposed 'safety net' actually is.
    After working all his life my husband had the misfortune to be made repeatedly redundant and after having paid thousands in tax and N.I. we were made to feel threatened (sanctions) and lower than low if we did not jump through endless, pointless loops and endure a Kafakaesque rule system that made little to no sense to a normal, rational human being.
    To anyone reading this if, for one moment, you think living on a complete total of £114 pounds per week (totql for two people) plus your council tax paid is affording you a life of luxury or able to keep body and soul together, you are frankly, a complete and utter moron.
    Apologies to all other normal people, but I am so sick, of this complete fantasy that people forced onto benefits for whatever reason are coining it in.
    I can only say that our complete benefits and help system is most assuredly not fit for purpose and to tell anyone unfortunate enough to have to endure it, not everyone is as mean minded, lacking in intelligence, reasoning or plain human decency as those two first posters above.
    Apologies for long post/rant but the ignorance of a section of our population of just how appalling and unfit for purpose our benefit system actually is illustrates such an entitled, repulsive, backward mindset at times it beyond comprehension.

  8. A very informative post that may just help someone who finds themself in this position.

  9. just because their views are different it doesnt make every anonymous a troll , theres the obvious joy sapper whos a regular , but for the most part theyre just people whos views differ.

  10. Hi hun,The information that you give for those that are facing this situation, especially after all the redundancies due to covid 19 is welcoming. My hubbie is retired(70) and I am on disability so we are used to watching our pennies.Unfortunately, one of my daughters works for next and her hubbie in the hospitality industry, she is worried that they will both lose their jobs after the *furlough*.Times are going to be very hard for alot of people who never thought that they would be on benefits. *hugs* Goldensunflowerx