Friday, 29 May 2020

Plague 35

So here we are another beautiful plague morning on the edge of the fen , lots of Apache gunships playing with the RAF today so its a tad noisy not sure whose they are but its war games season at the moment . This usually horrifies the incomers who buy homes here , it doesnt cross the mind that we are surrounded by huge operational air bases . If youre raised here you just dont notice them anymore. Wish id had my camera yesterday as the Spitfire went over with an Apache following it , that must take some skill slowing down enough to follow but where else could they get to do that .
Received a lot of wish bits and bobs i ordered before the lockdown yesterday . theres one mystery pack of seeds that i havent ordered , they look like tomato so i may just plant them in a pot out of curiosity .  Is anyone else getting fed up with ebay and stuff coming from China , i know its drop shipping, it says its a UK seller but its not until you get the invoice it says its coming from China with a 5 week delivery date . Really need to visit Wilkos for loads of bits and bobs , does anyone know if they are open?
Then theres the whole sorry race carry on in the US , once again i think the edited highlights we get to see bear no resemblance to what is going on , more people are realising that we are being fed stories for our leaders political advantage .  The UK wont ever understand the race issues in the US , we were a slave owning nation in a different sense , slave holding was only for the very rich who might have a few house servants as a status symbol , it was mainly within the empire that slavery was common , so it didnt ever cross anyones path at home . Until the 50s people rarely saw a black face in the UK , even in this day and age in most of the rural parts of the UK you will see no one black . There were so many poor in the UK that slaves wernt needed , though nowadays modern slavery is becoming more comman here . So what do i know not a lot ...and i admit it


  1. Hi yes Wilkos are open but you can also order from them online. Heather

  2. Hi hun, You have more insight than you give yourself credit for.On my mums side we come from a long line of gamekeepers in Norfolk bowing down to the gentry for hundreds of years.I don't agree with communism as I feel there are always those at the top and people who know those at the top for it to work. But sometimes, I wish that the little people who study hard, work hard had a break :( *hugs* Goldensunflowerx

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