Saturday 13 September 2014

Thrift Shops and Poverty

Budget crisis at the house of nettle knickers this month we have squandered every penny on weekends away ,trips to London and graduation . In fact weve done 6 weeks of wreckless squandering , sod the
Back to reality time as the first of the threatening letters arrived today . Ive not loaded ebay for a month and work is the usual sporadic pleasure , so tomorrow if the weather is remotely like, i need to do a car boot just for fuel money for the week . Mr Bah Humbug chimes up helpfully with do you fancy going to Whitby for goth weekend ..bless him ., i think this is to make up for not doing the Steampunk event at Lincoln Castle this weekend due to household endemic poverty .
Ive had my first trips to the seaside thrift shops this week and ive hardly broke the bank , just a few bits for pennies , nice cross stitch linen tablecloth with a tea stain im sure a bit of bleach will cure, groovy 70s Family Circle craft book , a single vintage pillowcase and a couple of strange egyptian pattern napkins . I left behind loads of yellow rose phoenix pyrex mixing bowls and serving platters , Saint Andrews Hospice at Sutton on Sea is currently infested with 50s Fire King , JAJ Pyrex and
more. Great if you do the vintage fairs .

A Little pile of reading material , a toilet reading book for the boys , Mees very tatty Lincolnshire a read and cut up i think and of course a really good edition of Farmhouse Fare , best vintage cookbook of the lot, i have a wartime edition and this is a 70s reprint full of handwritten little notes and receipts.

Finally just because they needed a good home theres a Fireking Mug , i always buy them then list them when  get to six , plus theres this gorgeous 1907 Edwardian beauty ribbon plate by Phillip Boileau , designer of images for postcards that i havent a clue what i will do with, nobody seems to like the turn of the century anymore and i keep picking up bits for pennies

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