Friday 19 September 2014

Scotland & Independence

Well the Scots decided to stay , very surprised . But then maybe there just wasnt enough trueborn Scots up there to swing the vote .  How david Cameron managed to keep a straight face is beyond me , hes really gutted because the Labour party hasnt died yet . Im just gutted because my ex husband isnt going to be walled in up there .
 Scotland I would have missed you , the crazy experience that is all night Asda aka Walmart in Edinburgh  , where they just pop the drunks into shopping trolley and stick them by the tills .  Stirling services with its bouncers on the door .  Playing dodge the deer belting up the A9 in the middle of the night . Edinburgh Castle best concert venue in the world . The highlands where nothing can repel the midges in a summer . Wild Camping without irate farmers . Glenmorangie , Runrig and haggis .

Then theres the other side of the story what would i have done with all the tartan fabric ive being amassing for a yet to be decided project . would Robbie Burns have been banned in the UK. Would we have to drink all the Buckfast fortified wine ourselves . Would i never have seen a fit bloke in a kilt again .
bit of dougal porn for us older ladies 
Scotland for once you made a decision with you heads not with your hearts , now lets concentrate on declaring our independence from self serving , conniving career politicians .

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