Thursday 4 September 2014


so what do you do when most of your technology is dead? You sit down and trawl the pirate tv sites of course .
Twenty odd years ago, when I was vastly pregnant and stuck on bed rest with my eldest , I requested reading material and my other half came back with the first book through the door of the bookshop . somehow it was something good , very good..It was Cross Stitch by Diane Gabaldon . A time travel Jacobite romance, it stayed on my shelf for years until I sold what turned out to be a  first edition,  for a huge amount of money. I never realised it had been issued in the states as Outlander and had a huge cult following plus there was lots more volumes in the series.
But now they have made an excellent TV version and I'm hooked, only available on pirate tv in the UK.  The costumes and  the man flesh  are outstanding , lots of big hairy blokes in kilts , what more could a girl ask for , there's something about a highland accent. I'd show you the pictures but I'm still stuck on this wretched I pad

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