Wednesday 3 September 2014

Grumpy Bird and Technology

Sometimes I wish I was as good with technology as my kids but I'm not , plus I'm mean as well. so on Saturday my monitor developed a fizz , even I know this is a leaky capacitor and a sign of imminent death.
Conversation went like this
Son 1....theres a cheap one in Argos £79
Me....I don't have £79
Son  2 ...we get our Jobseekers Friday we could donate
Me have to order and collect so that will be another week, I will have a look on eBay
find cheap Buyer collect monitor on eBay go and collect
Me ... Can you set this up
SOn1....of course we can , errrrr the leads don't fit
Me said this would fit

I  plan to stuff there heads in the slow cooker later just for fun, I've ordered the correct leads the moral is never listen to your sons , they may be the technological generation but a simple thing like a power lead is beyond them.
so I'm picture less due to having to use this wretched iPad thingy of Mr Bah Humbugs , and putterless due to the sad demise of my monitor
but the one thing that is driving me mad is the simple fact you can't just pop to a shop when you need something anymore , nobody carries any stock everything has to be ordered online...ggggggrrrrr

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