Wednesday 24 September 2014

Running for the hills

No I've not run away from the Blogiverse, I'm still here sort of.  My real world colleague decided to run for the hills , so I'm lumbered working my usual three days plus covering his five days as those who are good at maths may have realised that adds up to working eight days a week.  That's supposed to be 8 till 8. As well!
Now I have school runs daily to fit in among this. A bunch of useless tossers at home moaning there sock draw is empty and there tea isn't cooked.  So patience isn't my strong point at the moment.
Having spat my dummy yesterday somewhat spectacularly with work and threatening to throw the towel in , they've managed to throw me a pay rise and they're honestly going to advertise my colleagues job this week...mmmmm
They just do not grasp that I prefer quality of life to quantity of money.
It's been so bad that I haven't even unpacked my bag from the car boot on Sunday and even my knicker drawer is empty.
I suppose if I can hack this for a whole month it will fill the oil tank for the winter but if I don't survive just chuck me on the compost heap when I run out of knickers

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