Sunday 28 September 2014

Sunday Car Boot + Jumble Sale

My escape from reality started yesterday, I packed up work at lunch time and did a crafty trip to the Washingborough  Bowls Club Jumble Sale , I love these , they practically give stuff away . so what did I buy ..... Pink Pyrex divided dish,couple of small scratches so i may force myself to keep it ..i never seem to find the lids for these, somewhere there must be a thrift shop full of them, but do i really need the lids?  i was thinking more of twin pies one heavy on the meat for Mr Bah Humbug one heavy on the veg for me , for the rare occasions when its just the two of us. It was a whole 30p

Stack of 10p tatty ladybird fairytales good enough for the munchkin to illtreat till he tires of them then i can cut them

And from last Sundays carboot i finally got around to unpacking these great 60s wooden kids jigsaws , not big on value but the graphics are gorgeous .Plus another bestway dolly knitting pattern to build a new stack for ebay

More Mugs , always a good xmas seller , Brownie Guide and a great Pyrex coronation mug plus a 70s pot that i have a use for .
What have i managed not to buy , well the Salvation Army did have a huge box of 70s maps of the US and Switzerland for a whole £3 . popular for crafting but i know i would never get round to it .
The jumble sale was infested with Pyrex and Corning so I did really well buying just one bit Plus this morning i spent a whole 70p at Metheringham car boot on a really exciting box of wooden floor underlay bits and yet another Edwardian ribbon plate looking lonely

Not sure how but the camera has decided to get stuck on macro , i will have to ask the technologically advanced household members for advice when they get home , usually you cant get it to do macro for love or money , so today we have bad photos even by my standards

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