Tuesday 9 September 2014

A Belated Birthday Giveaway

Ive just realised ive been blogging for a year , somehow ive maintained my motivation so despite a busy graduation week , plus the creative marrow challenge , i will make the effort to fill a box and give it away to the universe , it will be a crafty fabric sort of  box, plus whatever else ive pack ratted of a crafty nature giveaway even
Xmas items .....why when i dont do xmas?
 This will be an anywhere in the world giveaway but to keep costs down it will be sent by the dreaded surface mail , we're still good for xmas posting dates , just ! winner will be picked via munchkin and pillowcase at 6pm on the 16th barring major disaster .

Now heres the really hard bit . to enter you have to speak to me , go on you can do it . all you need is to speak up in the comments to get an entry , I know some of you are shy and i seem to get readers from the farthest flung corners of the world , plus my usual gang of vocal locals, anyone can enter , you get 24hrs to send your address once picked, if not we pick again . ive had neary 20000 viewers so some of you may still be there . Heres a bad photo off some of the stuff ive found in the last half an hour. Big bit of red holly leaf fabric , sheet of fabric xmas tags, 2 fabric kitty cushion fronts , vintage bag handels, xmas ribbon, aida  , dimensions chart and charms , sparkly silver floss, vintage needle keeper , knitted beanie book , pile of vivid red triangle lace inserts that i never got round into making into bunting , I will keep adding to the little lucky dip box as I find more strange items after all i would need to live into my hundreds to ever use the stash i have amassed

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