Sunday 14 September 2014

Gathering Nuts in September

Im really a bit of a sad case sometimes, i got all excited yesterday because i gathered my first cob nut  crop aka hazel nuts. My  scrawny little 3 year old bushes that i planted in my bid to grow a native fence have given me a litre or so of nuts . I suppose once they get bigger and the squirrels spot them i will never see a nut , although the cat has tried squirrel wrestling before he really didnt win that one . We did crack a couple open and tried them , very tasty , so theyre now drying in the sunshine on a window ledge till xmas or until i need some for baking .
These have been a great idea, nice bushes lots of weird caterpillers for the munchkin to study , really low maintenance , you can take a crop of branches for garden use , you get catkins in February just when everything else is sad and dead and if the squirrels dont spot them 3 years later you have a crop of nuts , i cant understand why more people dont use them as hedging

Best of all were the weird bugs I had to look up on the internet , shield bugs great little things about the size of an adult fingernail ,harmless sap suckers , that are eaten in some countries as a canape . the look of horror all round when i said they were edible was worth it

image stolen from somewhere 

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