Friday 26 September 2014

Asda Wins the Vile Foodstuff Award !

Having worked a ridiculous amount of hours this week , been hounded and persecuted to the point where i just turn off  my phone between uses and also having lost the will to live .
The final straw was the lunch i managed to grab as i took a toilet break in the otherwise none stop day , my excuse was that it was cheap  and theres bog all for packup left in the fridge .
So i purchased a Chicken Sweetcorn & Pasta Salad tub from Asda , i thought half today finish it tomorrow , how wrong could I be , this was a tub of stunning vileness , apparently it had a tasty herby mayonaise dressing . not sure if id describe it like that more like the foulest cheap salt and vinegar crisp flavoured sticky gloop , so sour your mouth puckered.  You struggled to get this unappetizing lump apart , there was some sweetcorn in there but the chicken had no taste at all, came in tiny cubes and it took some finding, i dont think there was even a spoonful in it . this must be the first time ive had to chuck a food item in the bin because it was far to disgusting to eat . Come on Asda you can do a whole lot better .
I would have took the damned thing back but its not worth a 30 mile round trip .

Its the Scarecrow festival at dunston Saturday sunday and they dont tell you , but last year there were loads of yard sales as well 

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