Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Crafty Auction

So i sneaked off to auction with my normal tiny budget again and im quite pleased with what i got . People really dont get craft related stuff at auctions so i managed to snatch a bargain or two. Rug Tools Anyone ? or rug wool , loads of lace , more wool , pinnies some just cut out and ready to sew , linen with transfers ready for embroidery . a pile of 70s advertising vinyl pinnies it just goes on and on . This should keep me busy listing for a few days and then some . But there is a couple of mystery items
how many rug tools can a girl use 

nobody wanted this because they thought the wool had been eaten by rats....its rug wool!

Mystery craft related items theres a pair both thick wool carpeting with a hanging hoop .any ideas?

ive only just started unpacking the car!!!

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