Friday, 4 July 2014

July 4th Giveaway Result + Cows

Happy july the 4th if your in the States , heres my little bit of red white and blue

Meanwhile the winner of the medical book giveaway is......Suzy Cuthbert , please send me an address and its on its way

In the real world i seem to have bought a box of cow books at the last auction, i did plop a couple on ebay and one sold in a couple of hours , but i did put it on at the stunning sum of £7.50 . there was a few listed on amazon for £40 but do i want them stood around for months . thats the problem , i have to shift things quickly because i have no storage . I do get a few moans from people who also sell on ebay about my pricing , im not particularly cheap but i do turn a decent profit on the items i sell , usually around 4 times what i bought it for, on a good day 10x what i bought it for . I would sooner turn a profit at a level that allows dealers to buy from me than have an item moldering here for months just because i may get a higher price eventually. At the moment im tripping over boxes everywhere that are full of car boot stuff and it gives more vile weather for the weekend . But i have at last got to the end of washing all the fabric from the huge amount i bought at auction, most of it has washed really well apart from some lengths of silk taffetta that had perished and at least weve had a good drying week . theres an awful lot of curtains that can go to car boot they just need measuring and labeling so it may be a good job for a wet weekend

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