Friday, 25 July 2014

Grimsby & Immingham

Thursday i went to Scnthorpe and managed to sneak out during lunch to potter around Ashby . I had begun to think i was the curse of the charity shops, not a thing did i find . im not sure if its because im being so picky or if its just because there is nothing in them ?
So when i managed to get finished for 11.00 , I figured i can raid Grimsby and Cleethorpes, so Freeman street it was , admittedly i did find a little something try not to laugh...I bought a durex mug , for those of you in foreign parts, theyre a condom company.  I can only find one other on the internet so into the shop it will go ...obviously its a rare and valuable item . 

But being me i forgot the sun was shining and the kids on holiday , so i managed to get as far as the homeless charity on Cleethorpes road , where i got 10 books for a whole £1 a couple for ebay and the rest as winter reading material for me .
 Huge traffic jams going down to Cleethorpes so i had to rethink and head to Immingham instead , that place rarely fails me , 3 charity shops and one purchase, ho hum , but its gorgeous a 70 retro nylon single bedspread , very orange i can remember these if you held them tight down and turned off the light you could slide down them and make loads of static sparks , it did take two of us . but it amused us for hours . it has a teeny tin hole where the idiot in the shop ripped the kimble tag off ..ggrrr  so i may do a tiny 2 stitch repair . Struggling with photographs today its somewhat breezy 

 For those of you who are local , Martin LN4 is having a village wide yard sale tommorow and sunday  , im at work of course!!

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